Best Lemon Tiramisu Recipe

When I got fed up with the coffee and chocolate tiramisu which you find in every nook and cranny on the Italian peninsula, I picked up the best lemon tiramisu recipe. Enormous success! The recipe came from a friend of mine called Anna Benetti who lives in Bologna so the copyright is hers!  She also called it Sorrento Dream as she wanted to make it not only an original tiramisu, but also the best.

Best Lemon Tiramisu Ingredients

4/5 people

120 gr (4.5 ounces/ozs) of lady finger biscuits

250 gr ( 9 ozs) mascarpone

100 gr ( 3.75 ozs) of fresh cream

2 egg yolks

1 and a half little liquer glasses of limoncello  (about 50 ml or 3 tablespoons)

100 gr (3.75 ozs) sugar

Juice of one large lemon or more, according to taste


Recipe Preparation

First prepare the mix for dipping the lady fingers in.

Put 50 grs of sugar in about two glasses of water with the  juice of the lemon/s. Boil it just for a few minutes. Then, when it is cool, put in about one little glass of limoncello.  Then dip the biscuits, (flip flop) very quickly, one by one and lay them in the dish. Some liquid is always left over but it is best to resist the urge to pour it over them, as they will be too soggy!

Beat the egg yolks with about 50 grms of sugar. Then add in the mascarpone. Then add in about half a glass of the liqueur. Keep beating gently with the mixer as you do this. Taste it now and add in some extra lemon if it is not lemony enough. I sometimes add in a drop or two of liqueur but you have to be careful here as it will get too alcoholic. (Some people would actually love that!). If you have kids, it is best to add in extra lemon juice to taste and leave out all the alcoholic stuff. Lots of finger licking going on here, all in the name of culinary science!

Beat the cream apart. When it is fairly stiff, spoon it into the mascarpone nice and gently, rather than beating it in which makes it too liquidy.  You should now have a delicious creamy mix. Just smooth it all on top of  the biscuits and pop in the fridge for at least 3 hours.  It tastes best when you remove it a short time before eating.


For the decoration, you can just grate the rind over it at the last minute. Adds a bit of colour, but entirely optional.

Another decoration is to dry fry gently some flaked almonds and add them on top to give some extra colour and texture.

Try this and you will soon see why I have called it the best lemon tiramisu recipe. Dead simple to make.  Easily the best. Kids and adults love it! Talking of meal planning, you can see here a great resource to do it all effiortlessly!



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Photo:- Flickr/ mbtrama