Problem Kids

04 Jan 2015

7 Discipline Rules For Children That Will Work

discipline rules for children

When we think of discipline rules for children, we probably think of our own parents and how they brought us up. Many parents try to copy their own upbringing in many ways. Others seek to reverse the trend if they suffered from over strict rules and had an unhappy childhood. Above all, we want to […]

23 Nov 2014

Overprotective Parents Effects – 7 Things You Need To Know

overprotective parents effects

Let me tell you a story about the world’s worst Mom! Her name is Lenore Skenazy and she has her own TV show now which, not surprisingly, is also called World’s Worst Mom. She earned that title because she let her 9 year old travel alone on the subway.  As you can see, she has […]

11 Nov 2014

Smartphone Distracted Parenting – 7 Things You Must Do Now

smartphone distracted parenting

Everybody is becoming a mobile phone addict. That is the alarming trend we are seeing. Guess who are the worst offenders? Parents! This was the result of some research done by the Swedish government’s YouGov agency. They found that 33% of parents have received complaints from their kids that they (the parents!) were spending far […]

01 Nov 2014

Top 10 Things You Must Know About Angry Child Outbursts

Do You REALLY Know Why Your Child Is Angry?

How do you deal with all that anger and rage? They seem to blow up out of nowhere. The main problem we have as parents is how to react calmly and not get drawn into the fight and start reacting in an angry, offended and threatening way ourselves. Here are the top 10 tips to […]

08 Oct 2014

The Shocking Truth About Why Kids Can’t Sit Still.


Kids in classrooms fidget more than they used to. Ask any teacher. Most teachers will even recommend that the child be sent for ADHD testing. He or she may well have ADHD but actually, many of them do not! What is going on? Look at these facts: Some teachers say that 1 in 8 kids […]

02 Oct 2014

Are ADHD Brain Scans A Scam?- Latest Updates

ADHD brain scans

Could brain scans of ADHD children provide an easy way of diagnosing this disorder? This is the exciting news coming from the University of Michigan Health System which has just finished a study which could lead to a better diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in the future. The only problem is that we will have […]

15 Sep 2014

ADHD and Exercise in Children – 5 Fantastic Benefits

Kids On Exercise Machines

Organizing ADHD exercise in children might be OK if you are living in a fairly green area or you have outdoor facilities nearby. But, if you are a single parent with a low income, there is no chance that you can do that. Did you know that many low income families are likely to get […]

11 Sep 2014

ADHD and Anxiety in Children – 12 Ways You Can Help

ADHD Therapy

Most parents and carers know that ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a disorder which almost always comes in a sort of cluster. There are several co-existing conditions which are all part and parcel of the condition which are known as comordities. The estimate of ADHD and anxiety in children is about 25%. The others […]

08 Sep 2014

Parenting Skills – Make Life Easier By Learning Some Simple Techniques

parenting skills

Maybe you think that acquiring some essential parenting skills is going to be a complicated and rather expensive affair. It is much easier than you think. Do not be put off by such terms as behavioral parenting training. What counts is how effective these skills can be in helping you take control of your kids […]

21 Aug 2014

11 Tricks To Empathic Parenting When Teaching Kids Nutrition

kids nutrition

Lots of people think that empathic parenting might mean giving in to kids and even indulging and spoiling them. It does not mean this at all, if parenting is done right. When it comes to food, we have to have some very clear ideas in mind. After all, we are facing a national emergency, given […]